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The family of Mbamara has called for better approach by the government and other stakeholders in preventing and curtailing the negligence and recklessness of health practitioners in the country. The management of one of the top hospitals in Nigeria cut the life of Adaora Mbamara off as a result of poor self-examination

According to an eye witnessed that narrated the sad event said, “It was a very terrible story remembering how the beautiful future of Adaora, a twin of about 15 years was cut off”. There is need to improve on the commitment of the health care practitioners towards the lives of the patients. There should be criteria to evaluate the health care practitioners in the country as some of them lack the basic human relations ethics in their various fields; this made the patients in their care endangered. He added

“I ran into Mrs. Mbamara, the mother of the deceased in the hospital on that faithful day, she told me Adaora was on admission. I visited her in the ward and what I met got me dazed, she was shrunk and her tummy was protruding.” He said

In an interview with one of the family friends of Mbamara, who is a nurse, told our team that Adaora was diagnosed of ovarian cyst and that she was going to under-go operation. We were all happy as the operation was successful and she was discharged after few weeks when the doctors certified her fit to go home.

She added that few days after her discharge; “I went back to the hospital to enquire if the Doctors carried out tests on the second ovary, just to prevent future problem and why she was not placed on medications.” They gave me reasons which I considered flimsy, that made me ask if they check of her condition not being cancerous, some of the Doctors told me they did while one of them got angry with my questions and said my questions are unnecessary.

However, months after Adaora started losing weight and some scaring symptoms started re-occurring. She was puffy all over. We rushed her to a near-by hospital and she was admitted. After some tests were done, the doctor said the second ovary had developed a problem that she cannot under-go another operation within short period. It was sad that Adaora passed away that night.

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