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Modupe Onadeko, a retired reproductive medicine consultant at the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, says 7 out of 10 Nigerians are hypertensive.

Onadeko said that hypertension was a risk factor for cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), also called stroke or heart attack.

She added that 50 per cent of the affected persons are unaware of their condition and the remaining half are just not bothered to seek medical help to treat the condition.

Onadeko said that hypertension is a condition in which the arterial blood pressure rises to high level from the normal level (120/80mmHg).

“Hypertension is medical condition called “silent killer”, as it does not show any clear symptoms,” she explained.

“However, severe hypertension shows some symptoms of headaches, sleepiness, palpitation, blurred vision, fatigue, dizziness, confusion and ringing sensation in the ears.

“Other symptoms that may manifest are: breathing difficulty and irregular heartbeat which may lead to coma.

“Hypertension is divided into two types; primary or essential hypertension and secondary hypertension, on the basis of its causing factors.

“The primary hypertension is a more common type. However, it causes are unknown.

‘’The causes of secondary hypertension, includes kidney damage, adrenal gland over-activity, sleep apnea syndrome, tumours and recreational drugs.

“Other causes are pregnancy-related conditions, over or wrong medications, alcoholic drinks and bad food.”

Onadeko advised people to do regular blood pressure check and adhere to doctor’s instruction on healthy diets and physical exercise.


Source: The Cable

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