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Dr. Newton Adewuyi has urged Nigerians to observe high standards in both personal and environmental hygiene as preventive measures against meningitis. The death of Meningitis outbreak in Nigeria has risen to 839 as against the 745 reported earlier, with suspected cases now 9,646.

In an interview with the Future Minds Development Initiative, Dr. Adewuyi who works with Oke Ado Medical Hospital in Ibadan said meningitis is a communicable disease because of the mode of infection; it is caused by direct inoculation, air-bone disease such as nose infection, air infection, mouth, and throat infections.

He said it is an epidemic prone disease that spread from person to person through contact with discharges from nose and throat. In his word, he submitted that “Meningitis is a deadly disease that affects the thin layers of the tissue around the brain and spinal cord of an infected human and it is caused by bacteria, the health implication of meningitis can manifest through neck stiffness, Photo-phobia, headache and high fever among others.

He further submitted that meningitis can be diagnosed through clinical and laboratory features. “For the clinical diagnosis, we look for signs and symptoms and for the laboratory we do lumbar puncture and full blood count. The value gotten from the lumbar puncture will help determine if the person has meningitis or not.”

He advised that Nigerians should not wait for the vaccine to come knocking at our door steps, we can go to hospitals and get vaccinated so that we will keep ourselves from this dangerous infection which is spreading and killing youths and young children of today.

Health workers should report suspected cases and also observe universal safety precautionary measures and make use of personal protective equipment when in contact with such cases. He Concluded


Source: eDokita team

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