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MENINGITIS outbreak has been on for months and it’s still on the rampage. Many children are affected and are on admission in hospital across the country. A report from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) showed that at least 438 deaths from 3,959 suspected cases, of which 181 are laboratory-confirmed, have been recorded in 106 local government areas in 19 states.

The sad news is that it is still ongoing. Those that are mostly affected are aged five to fourteen and the symptoms of the disease include stiff neck, high fever, rashes, headache, vomiting and convulsion.

Many deaths recorded wouldn’t have been if there had been adequate awareness because many children were kept at home by parents who thought the ailment their children had was ordinary fever. Some parents who should be proactive may have thought the ailment was measles that caused the high fever and, as such, resulted into natural prescription of using bitter leaf to rub the body and give the children to drink believing that the rashes, that is mostly the sign of meningitis, will come out. Unfortunately for many women, meningitis has almost the same symptom of high fever but it may not bring out rashes like measles. Before realizing it, the infection had gone out of hand.

As homemakers, endeavour to take steps immediately you see signs of fever in your children. Don’t do self – medication. Take any child with these symptoms to a general hospital or health centre nearest to you. There, you are sure of meeting doctors who are experienced to deal with the situation. When the damage is done, it may take a long time to rectify. If not, it becomes a permanent damage. That is why many children you see today have stiff neck, stiff hand or leg, deafness, brain damage just to mention a few


Source: The Vanguard

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