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Mr. Akinrinde Babalola said there are millions of families living with leprosy worldwide. Leprosy is completely curable but many people are unable to access treatment, even though the cure is free.

Leprosy is a bacterial disease which affects the skin and nerves. The first sign of leprosy is usually a patch of discoloured skin. Over 4 million people are living with a disability caused by leprosy. Leprosy carries a terrible stigma; often people are shunned by communities or even their own family when they show symptoms

According to him, leprosy is still prevalent in the country, and it is the disease of the poor, aggravated by poor hygiene.

”The standard of living of people should be improved, with increased availability of good food and potable water, among others.”

“Many of victims cannot afford the meals that will boost their immune system and once they get infected, it will easily show,” he said.

Mr. Babalola called on the three tiers of government to make their social support programmes very strategic and sustainable.

He appealed to the public to stop stigmatizing victims of leprosy, saying that it’s a curable disease.

“Once there is early detection and treatment, it will not lead to any deformity and virtually all the people affected by the disease, who are seen on the streets, were completely cured in spite of their deformities.

“Freely associate with them, shake them and even transact business with them, because they are no longer carrying the bacteria,” he said.


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