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Adegbemiro Adeola, a 400 level student of one of the leading Federal Universities in Nigeria, lamented how health services rendered by the University Teaching Hospital, affected her education.

Adeola explained that she thought she had met her savior when she eventually opened her eyes in the hospital not knowing that Satan is at work again.

According to an eye witness who narrated the story to one of the Futureminds Development Initiative news correspondents, said “Adeola is the only child of her mother and she is academically sound. That day, her room-mate in school hostel came to my office to informed me my sister’s daughter has been hospitalized in school clinic, I met with the doctor, I showed him the previous test we have done, but to my surprise he disregarded the test results because they were not done in the school clinic”

Adeola added that after lot of questions and series of self-examination, she was admitted and the doctor told her that she had typhoid along with cough; he prescribed drugs and said my parents should get it in the school pharmacy which they did, but we all know that was not what actually happened to me, because the symptoms looks more like what happen to my brother few months back (tuberculosis), after several weeks she discovered that there was no improvement, now it has gotten worse, “I started sweating at night, lost appetite for food, having serious headache that paracetamol could not even relief also had difficulty in breathing.”

According to her brother Akinolu, said “Adeola kept complaining and we all lost belief in the doctor, we took her to University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital (UCH) where he did series of test; such as sputum, x-tray weight check and others I don’t know the name, the test result shows that she had tuberculosis (TB) and she was then placed on 8 month Anti tuberculosis drugs.”

The sad thing there was that the negligence and incompetence of the doctor caused me an extra year in school, she added.

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