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We all want to be healthy but sometimes, our lifestyle and habits are doing more harm to us than good. Take, for example, our teeth. A lot of people hardly ever visit dentists and some people put things in their mouth that end up ruining their teeth. You should know these five things that destroy your teeth so that you can avoid them, or at least, cut down to a minimum.

  1. Sugary drinks

You should also keep an eye out for drinks disguising themselves as healthy. Juices, though fruity can hurt your teeth. If you have to, it is better if you use straws.

  1. Chewing ice

This might not be so obvious for some but when you chew ice the pressure and sudden change in temperature can place stress on the tooth enamel, causing it to crack.

  1. Eating popcorn

Taking a bite into one of those uncracked corn kernels might not be the best idea. Besides, popcorns bits lodged between your teeth and when this happens, it can lead to infection.

  1. Turning your teeth into a tool

Are you the type that uses your teeth for removing clothes labels, opening bottle cork, cutting thread and so on? If you are, you can cause permanent damage to your teeth. It can also weaken your teeth.

  1. Hot tea/coffee

For a lot of people, having a hot beverage is a vital part of their day. But when it comes to hot drinks, taking them regularly can cause cracks in your teeth due to a sudden change in temperature. Very hot or very hot drinks can also cause toothache. Taking them too often can stain your teeth, giving them an unpleasant yellow colour.


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