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eDokita, a conglomerate of an NGO-futureminds Development initiative based in Ibadan organized a sensitization programme for the students of Holy Trinity Grammar School, Ibadan, to commemorate this year’s World Cancer Day. The event was tagged “WE CAN NOT LET CANCER WIN!”

In a Statement issued by one of the eDokita team Mr. Dare Junaid, “Fighting Cancer should not be limited to adult alone; there is a renewed need to sensitize younger generation on importance of preventive measures and early detection.”

According to him, 8.2 Million people die each year from cancer, but more than 30% of these deaths could be prevented by early detection.

The guest speaker at the event, “We Cannot Let Cancer Win”, Mrs Uke Lewechi; a medical practitioner at University College Hospital (UCH), Geriatrics department emphasizes the crucial role the students needs to play in detecting and preventing the increase occurrence of cancer in the body, she noted that cancer should not be seen as a death sentence as it can be cured if detected early.

She added, there is need for Nigerians to be aware of their family history and genetic composition so as not to fall victim of hereditary cancer.

In addition, Dr Lewechi warned the students of the risk factors that made Nigerians vulnerable to cancer; this include, eating from plastics placed in microwave, smoking, bleaching, excessive consumption of alcohol, exposure of skin to sun for a long time, sex with multiple partners and poor eating habits.

One of the resource persons and a doctor, Dr. Newton Adewuyi urged students to eat a lot of vegetables, vitamins, eat right and be aware of their genetic composition.

He explained how breast self-examination can be done and warned the students not to allow their colleague to help them in carrying out the examination as it may leads to lesbianism.

He emphasized that the students should focus on early detection of cancer and breast self-examination regularly and emphasizes the need for more cancer awareness program among school children.

eDokita News Team



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