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Dr Casey Nwachukwu of Wuse General Hospital, said the health of every individual depended highly on genetics and supported by his lifestyle. Nwachukwu explained in Abuja on Sunday that a lifestyle of clean eating and physical fitness was required to support the genetics in ensuring good health. “The lifestyle of an individual could weaken or strengthen the genetics or genes of an individual, thereby altering the potential of the human body being protected from diseases. “Our genes help determine the strength of our immune system against diseases and poor health issues.

“This is why there are some people who happen to fall sick easily and others who rarely fall ill. “What we eat and how we live can also alter our immune systems, thereby strengthening or weakening it. “However, we all know people in our families or social circles who live very unhealthy lifestyles but hardly ever fall ill or suffer from grave illnesses.

“We also know those who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle but suffer one unhealthy condition or the other and that’s why some people believe luck has a lot to do with our health. “Over time, I have met a number of people who have healthy lifestyles and good genes according to their blood tests but have fallen victims of a cancer or organ failure of some sort. “My grandfather was a man who drank a lot of alcohol and smoked packs of cigarettes like no man’s business.

“He always smelled like a bar yet, he hardly ever fell ill and he lived a good life. “Despite our fears of lung, liver or kidney cancer or failure, he died at the age of 92 in his sleep. “On the other hand, I have an aunt who is my father’s sister who happens to be a yoga instructor and happens to be a vegetarian. “We all know vegetarian diet is the healthiest diet in the world and yoga is a good exercise which is more of a lifestyle. “My father’s family members are known to have good immune systems and medical histories hence, strong genes.

“With my aunt’s healthy lifestyle and strong immune system, she is currently battling with ovarian cancer. “These two scenarios made me, a scientist, believe that luck does play a part in the quality of life we live. “Nevertheless, we should ensure we maintain and live healthy by regularly exercising, eating clean and healthy meals and regularly visiting the hospital for check-ups.

Source; Vanguard News

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