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The Council of European Dentists (CED), the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) and the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) have responded to the proposed proportionality tests for professional regulation.

The three health professions re-emphasized that the purpose of the regulation of their professions is to assure that the quality of healthcare services remains in the public interest, adding that it has to remain clear and comprehensive whilst ensuring safe and effective care.

The organizations expressed concern about the lack of specificity in addressing the overall issue of health professional regulation. The CED, CPME and PGEU said that they were convinced that health professions should be considered distinctly from other professions. They called upon the EU institutions to exclude said professions from the scope of the harmonized EU proportionality test.

Dr Jacques de Haller, president of the CPME, said: “We believe that the regulation of doctors’ practice is essential for the safety of patients more than anything else. As health professions we are very supportive of the regulatory measures the new Professional Qualifications Directive introduced to improve patient safety, mainly the alert mechanism and controls on language knowledge. “We therefore regret that the commission’s own efforts to make professional practice safer are now being threatened by the draft Directive.”

President of the CED, Dr Marco Landi, added: “It is a fundamental principle of EU and national law that public health must be protected by all possible means. That is why we highly question the intention of the draft Directive, which reverses this fundamental principle: instead of protecting public health by regulation, the draft Directive challenges us to justify when regulation wants to protect public health. We are confident that the dentists and other health professions can pass this test, but at what price? The increase of bureaucracy and related costs will be immense.”


Source: Pan European Networks

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