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Nigeria shuts down report of new polio case in Cross River State


Nigerian government has shut down reports of a new case of polio in Cross River state, it said the suspected case was clubfoot otherwise known as Talipes and not polio.

The Acting Executive Director of National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), Emmanuel Odu said; the case was that of clubfoot, which is known in medical circles as Talipes. According to the report, Anthony Edet Eyibio of Ekpene-Eki community in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River state, had a disease suspected to have been caused by polio virus.

The report sparked fear of a possible outbreak of the virus in the state, about two years after the virus was thought to have been eradicated in Nigeria. But Odu said that NPHCDA and its development partners deployed a technical team to the community immediately they got the report to carry out physical assessment of the case.

“The physical assessment or examination revealed that the signs that suggest complications of Polio Virus infection were not present in this child, he said. Mr. Odu noted that apart from the four cases recorded in the North East in August last year, the country has not recorded any new case of polio. He assured Nigerians of the presence of NHPCDA surveillance team across the 774 local government area of the country for quick detection of any case of polio. He enjoined citizen to present their children for vaccination and report any case of a child with severe fever and sudden weakness of limbs.

Mr. Odu urge individuals, family, all Nigerian to continue to contribute to the survival and development of our children by presenting the children for vaccination, promptly utilizing available PHC service, reporting any case of a child with fever and sudden weakness or paralysis of limb.



Source: Health newsNG

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