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A recent research suggests people trying to lose weight are tempted to overeat when eating in a social setting.

The research has been presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/ Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health 2017 Scientific Sessions.

The 12-month study of 150 people (90 per cent women) used smartphones and a custom-developed application to capture data as dieters moved through everyday life. The participants were trying to limit calories to a specific number per day.

In response to questions, the dieters reported their surroundings, what they were feeling and whether they were tempted to break or broke their eating plan. Temptations were defined as eating a food or amount of a food inconsistent with a weight loss eating plan, for example, having a large serving of a calorie-dense food such as French fries or cheesecake or several pieces of candy at the office.

Researchers found:

—The chance of diet lapse was about 60 per cent when eating with others.

—Participants had a 60 per cent risk of overeating in a restaurant.

—Participants had a fewer temptations in their own or someone else’s home than in a restaurant, but when tempted, they still had 60 per cent chance of a diet lapse.

—Odds of a diet lapse were lower in other locations, including work (about 40 per cent) or in a car (about 30 per cent).

—However, participants lapse in diet almost half the time when alone.


Source: The Sun


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