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A sleep specialist, Dr. Olusola Oguntolu, has urged Nigerians to seek expert help early for sleep apnea and related sleep disorders.

Oguntolu, who is the Chief Circadian Officer, Sleep Inc. Limited, Lagos, and subsidiary of Sleep Consultants Limited, USA, lamented the paucity of qualified providers in undiagnosed area of pulmonary and sleep disorders in the country. While calling for  the need to raise awareness among Nigerians about sleep disorders and respiratory ailments, he said the new clinic opened recently with the aim of delivering world class respiratory and sleep specialty care will educate patients in Nigeria.

“To understand why sleep is important; think of your body as a factory that performs a number of vital functions. As you drift off to sleep, the body begins its night-shift work: Healing damaged cells, boosting the immune system, as well as recharging the heart and other parts of the cardiovascular system for the next day”, he explained. He described Sleep Apnea as a dangerous condition associated with significant risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus and stroke amongst other conditions. “The good news is that the disorder is easily diagnosed and eminently treatable. However, it requires a heightened awareness as well as proactive effort by the patient and healthcare provider for early recognition and treatment.” “Anyone who suspects that they have any of the listed risk factors should seek further evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider for possible referral to a specialized sleep consultant.


Source: The Vanguard



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