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Below are top 7 health benefits of bitter leaf;

  1. It speeds up metabolism and therefore is great for weight loss.
  2. Bitter leaf juice relieves fever and feverish conditions. Take the squeezed juice, 3 times daily until the symptoms disappear.
  3. It also helps to reduce high sugar level in the blood, and great for diabetic patients.
  4. Squeeze the fresh leaves on your palm and apply the juice on skin rashes, eczema, ring worms and any superficial skin ailments, you’ll notice a change in few days. Don’t apply to open wounds.
  5. Taking a cup of bitter leaf juice a day, is a great way to detoxify the body of harmful toxins.
  6. Bitter leaf juice nourishes the skin.
  7. Bitter leaf juice is said to increase breast milk production in nursing mothers.

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