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Mr. Adetutu Olowu narrated the sad event which led to the loss of her wife and new born baby. The alleged negligence of physicians at His Grace maternity hospital in Ibadan caused the death of woman and the child after the delivery.

The 27 year old deceased woman funmilayo Olowu, who was happily married with 2 kids, was admitted in the hospital after developing labour pain. The patient developed shivering, after doctors administered frozen platelets.

Mr. Olowu the husband of the deceased woman claimed that the platelets were administered in absence of the head doctor.

“After a while the condition of my wife deteriorated, there was no doctors present at the ward with her.”

“After delivery, we were told that we lost the baby and the doctor left the scene, not quite long my late wife started bleeding while doctors at the eleventh hours removed uterus from her body,” he said.

Mr. Olowu alleged that they wanted to transfer his wife to University college Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, after blood continued to ooze out from her body, but no ambulance was available in the hospital. “We managed to hire a private ambulance and shifted her to UCH, on getting there she lost her life,” he said.


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