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Dr Olumide Akadiri, the Chief Medical Director, Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Okitipupa, has cautioned against excessive consumption of alcohol during the yuletide. Akadiri, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Okitipupa, warned that alcohol was injurious to the kidney and liver which are very important organs in the human digestive systems.

The medical expert said that there were many patients in the hospital with cases of kidney and liver problems as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol. According to him, alcohol silently and slowly destroys the liver and kidneys resulting in serious health problems which can be fatal.

Akadiri noted that excessive intake of alcohol was rampant during festivities and called for caution and moderation. “Alcohol is very injurious to human kidneys and liver; these are very important organs of our digestive systems.

“People consume too much alcoholic drinks during festivities with the belief that it is the only way to celebrate; unfortunately, they are just gradually damaging their kidneys and liver.

“I think water is most beneficial and aid the body metabolism because soft drinks too have their own side effects.

“I also recommend that we cultivate the habit of adding more vegetables and fruits, which are rich in minerals and vitamins, to our diet to aid digestion and boost immune system against diseases,” Akadiri advised


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